How You Can support Us

To support Team 1073, donation checks can be made out to "FRC Team 1073" and addressed to:

FRC Team 1073
P.O.Box 1073
Hollis, NH 03049

Every year 1073 survives on the donations from its many generous sponsors (THANK YOU SO MUCH, again!). We spend thousands of dollars building a robot, traveling to competitions, and striving to win! Team 1073 would like to acknowledge your generous donation. Each donor will get a letter of appreciation and a big thank you. Additionally, every donor gets a position on the sponsors page of our website. Here is a table of what different donation amounts earn.

What Helping Gets You

Silver Level


A donation of any amount gets recognized on our Web Site

Gold Level


Name on Web Site and team T-Shirt

Platinum Level


Name on Web Site and team T-Shirt and Robot*

Diamond Level


Name on Web Site, T-Shirt and Robot, along with a robot visit to your company