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Latest Update

2016 Game: Stronghold! Check out the game video.

FRC Team 1073 is excited to compete at the Boston University District event April 1-3! We have completed a lot of work on our robot since our first competition at the North Shore District Event, and we anticipate being able to do everything we designed our robot to do: High goals, Low goals, traverse all defenses as well as scoring autonomous points (or as we like to say "Autono-Moose" points!) Check out the webcast at www.twitch.tv/nefirst_blue !

Team 1073 also had a great time at the first annual STEM Faire held at the Hollis Brookline Middle School. We are always glad to be part of the STEM celebration and enjoyed being able to talk with young problem solvers and parents about our robots. Requests for demos and lessons can be directed to Ms Hay, sue.hay@sau41.org.

We will be working on off-season projects, new and improved cart, new driver station, creative pit design, 6 Cim drive train, swerve drive, creative uses for LEDs, and a robot just for demos.

Good Luck to all teams at the Boston University event, and hopefully we will qualify for the New England District Championships in Hartford!

Team Info

The Force Team, FIRST Team #1073, is a high school FIRST Robotics Competition team from Hollis, NH. Our base of operations is at Hollis/Brookline High School where we garner students from the towns of Hollis and Brookline.

Our team mimics the real-world, corporate business structure with student leadership consisting of two co-CEOs and several VPs for each subgroup: Business, Electrical, Integration, Mechanical, Software, and Strategy. The team values their influence over the community and constantly works to host community events and connect with other teams at off-season competitions. This does more than build a network of sponsors and supporters, it also allows team members create stronger friendships and gain new insights from their experienced peers.

Annually, Team 1073 hosts Jr. FIRST Lego League and FIRST Lego League tournaments annually, with a roster that grows larger and larger with each passing season. Through these events, we can encourage young students who are interested in science and technology to continue their participation in FIRST by joining FTC or FRC teams. In this way, we have built strong relationships with and gained the support of sponsors, other FRC teams, and the entire community.

To find out more about the goals and practices of FIRST, Team 1073 recommends the US FIRST Website.